energia e natura - una sfida eterna

Irrationality in nature or in Science ?
Probing a rational energy and mind world

Tributsch H.
CreateSpace, 2015, 228 pages

We, and everything in our environment, change in one direction, the direction of time. If we accept this to be fundamental, which present science does not do, even though this is deducible from the important principle of least action, energy gets dynamic properties and the fundamental time arrow has also to be implemented in quantum processes. The consequences of these are dramatic: all the strange irrationalities and paradoxes in fundamental science can be eliminated and the scientific concept of our world would be reshaped from quantum physics via biological evolution to the understanding of our universe. And a new mystery is then revealed. Is development of intelligence and mind the destiny of cosmic evolution?


The conclusions of the book:

Processes in nature are fundamentally oriented and irreversible

This conclusion is already derivable from the principle of least action

Energy has then to be understood as a dynamic (oriented) quantity

Available, free energy tends to minimize its presence per state

This introduces a fundamental time’s arrow applicable to quantum physics

A distributed wave is an inferior energy product compared with a particle

The difference is entropic energy plus information for inversion of the process

This information self-image of matter becomes a key factor towards rationality

Main paradoxes and irrationalities in physics are avoided

The world remains deterministic with chaotic fluctuations replacing uncertainty

The information self-image of matter turns out to be gravitation

Self-organization of matter and life is a straightforward phenomenon

Irreversible thermodynamic systems aim at maximum entropy production

The always constant light velocity becomes a local photon property

Assumption of four-dimensional space-time is therefore unnecessary

Big Bang scenario not evident, alternative is “self-image” universe

Biological evolution aims at increasing energy turnover

Self-organization of information yields consciousness, explains mind

The ultimate aim of evolution may be the creation of mind