Energy and Nature - an eternal challenge

Als die Berge noch Flügel hatten: Die Fata Morgana in alten Kulturen, Mythen und Religionen
(Book Ref. 6)

Tributsch H.
Ullstein, Berlin (1996) 559 pages
Japanese Translation: Kousakusha, Tokyo (2000)

This book.  “When the mountains still had wings: The Fata Morgana in ancient cultures, myths, and religions” resumes the investigation of a mirage-based religion as reflected in ancient monuments ( studied in book (4)) and concentrates on religion, mythology and ancient tales and traditions. The celtic tradition proved to be especially stimulating as a source of mirage inspired concepts, as well as the mythology of diverse native tribes. The mysterious trinity concept, also assumed to originate from nature observations of mirage patterns, is anchored in mainstream religions like Christiantity, Hinduism, the Celtic religion and the religion of ancient Egypt. If our hypothesis is true, many aspects of religion and mythology started as scientific nature observations of the mirage phenomenon. Man tried to understand one special aspect of nature, which eluded every day experience and generated the impression of another world and superior power. This is a distinclty different interpretation from conventional understanding of the origin of religion and mythology. If true, it would definitely change the understanding of man and his character.