Energy and Nature - an eternal challenge

Rückkehr zur Sonne, Wasserstoff – die Energie unserer Zukunft
(Book Ref. 3)

Tributsch H.
Safari Verlag, Berlin (1979) 284 pages

This book “Return to the sun, hydrogen – energy of our future” only appeared in German language. But this demand for a sustainable energy future, published 35 years ago, already containes all arguments we know from our present energy debates. At that time nuclear energy advocates were very strong and the book also argues against them. Many of them were engineers and scientists who thought that all problems of nuclear technology could be solved. They were even determined to equip the world with the dangerous breeder reactors. Today we know that they made wrong statements with respect to nuclear safety, economic and social consequences. And they have wasted a lot of valuable research money while taking advantage of comfortable careers. The strange situation is that our society is not sufficiently sensitive. It does not make them responsible, not even in public discussions. The learning process has to be made somewhat more painful for science and technology.