Energy and Nature - an eternal challenge

Humming Butterfly

Energy – Bionics: bio-analogue energy systems

Bio-mimetics, or Bionics, offers the opportunity to learn faster by studying and imitating  technology from nature. After demonstrating the first chlorophyll – based dye solar cells as bionic prototypes in Berkeley (ref. 10) and studying nature along the Pan-American highway and in South-American wilderness areas I wrote the book “How Life Learned to Live” (Book Ref. 1).

Energy-bionics, learning energy technology from nature, has been a guiding line for my energy research. For example I learned, why nature is successfully using clusters of abundant transition metals, such as iron, manganese or copper, for energy catalysis. I also recognized  that the “pulling” of water in tall trees is a dynamic self-organization phenomenon powered by solar energy (e.g. ref. 385, 422, 426, 427, 434).

With my bionic experience in energy systems I am addressing the energy challenge of modern society. (Book Ref. 9 and Publications ref. 438) and argue that man`s energy activities should be reintegrated into nature`s global energy strategy.

Fig.: The butterfly Macroglossum stellatarum with its hoverflight and its yearly migration distance of over 2000 kms is a marvel in energy technology and a model for energy-bionics