Energy and Nature - an eternal challenge

Haselpilz Tributsch

Consciousness as a self organization of information

Since information has an energy content it becomes also a time-oriented quantity and can engage in self-organization, like matter. As living matter is hierarchically placed above and controlling dead matter, self-organized information has similar properties with respect to simple information. This seems to yield a logic explanation for our consciousness, which is creating an image of our self, with the ability to control it.

I found out that my science colleagues who represent physical and philosophical journals were not interested in discussing a new theory.  I therefore published a book with the title “energy, time and consciousness” (Book Ref. 10). I wanted to find out whether my understanding of energy as a dynamic quantity is correct.  I also was interested to discuss, whether the foundation of nature can be logic, in contrast to what physicists nowadays claim, and there is finally a perturbing result of my energy theory which definitively needs a critical evaluation and open discussion: evolution happened as a competition for increasing energy consumption?

Fig.: Fractal surface of tree fungus: Nature very successfully applies self-organization of matter. According to my considerations self-organization of information is equally possible.