Hello, i am Helmut Tributsch

I come from a small mountain village in the Friulian Alps in north-eastern Italy near Tarvisio. The land is rough and rocky. I left at an early age to study abroad. From a young age I was interested in nature and tried to understand it. Eventually I became a university professor and specialised in energy research. Transdisciplinary strategies to solve relevant energy problems have always fascinated me. That is why I have worked at an international level in different branches of the natural sciences.


Understanding energy, time and nature logically
Since I have always found nature itself, as well as traditional survival within it, to be logically comprehensible, it irritated me that natural science increasingly accepted irrational and incomprehensible dogmas as explanations. What was the reason for this departure from logic? The established idea of an energy that has no interest and a time that isn’t interested in any direction crystallised for me as the main impulse. For many years it became my focal point in the search for a logical world view.

Answers on important questions
Now, in retirement, I have returned to my home farm. In nature I have found my answers and I want to share them with others and deepen them further. I like to work the land and feel the wilderness of the mountains. My approach is “earthy” and thus a relevant component in formulating critical questions.

You are invited to join me in some of my thoughts and ideas about energy, nature and human civilisation.



News from various areas of my research:

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