Consciousness as self-organisation of information

The picture shows the fractal surface of a tree fungus: Nature realises the self-organisation of matter very successfully. According to my considerations, the self-organisation of information is also possible.

Since information has an energy content, it too becomes a time-oriented quantity in an irreversible world and can, like matter, self-organise. Just as living matter is hierarchically above and controls dead matter, self-organised information has similar organising and controlling properties relative to ordinary information. This seems a logical explanation for our consciousness creating an image of ourselves with the ability to control it. Evolution as a competition for increased energy consumption creates the conditions for the development of a powerful brain, which has to convert a lot of energy for the self-organisation of information.

However, the excessive consumption of energy automatically leads to a serious environmental problem, which human civilisation is already approaching. Our evolving minds could lead out of this impasse. If the species in question survives intelligently, it could evolve. An evolution of spirit, self-organisation of information, as the goal of evolution is understandable for the very reason that energy and directed time are phenomena of information, and gravity, which plays an essential role in shaping the universe, is also ultimately information (about matter).

Nature is the self-realisation of energy in time (Books Time arrow as trace of energy. Logical key to a spiritual universe / Zeitpfeil als Spur der Energie. Logischer Schlüssel zu einem geistreichen Universum). Since energy and time are phenomena of information, nature is also to be regarded as the self-realisation and self-organisation of information.