Does quantum science really have to be irrational?

Another argument equally suggests, that the understanding of energy is a key problem of quantum physics. If irrationality and paradoxes are due to missing information in quantum theory this is a problem of energy, because information has an energy value. If information is missing, the energy theory is incomplete. I tried to find this error and to correct it. According to my research it arises, because in present quantum understanding an elemental particle is considered to be identical with a wave. However, energetically, a localized particle and a distributed wave should not be identical. Energy distributed in space has a lower working ability and part of it becomes “non-available”. For a reversible re-transformation into the particle, energy has in addition to be put aside in form of information. A quantum is continuously activating this information to sustain a reversible condition.

Because energy in form of information is involved, the measured light velocity is always the same, independent of relative velocities (like producing an identical television image at different velocities from digital signals). Energy acquires dynamic properties, and, when energy is turned over, this energy conversion drives time. Since only action can be transformed and a natural law is involved, it remains invariant. This eliminates time travel, which is anyway known to be in contradiction with basic thermodynamic laws. Because of an oriented time arrow, self-organization of matter (mass equivalent to energy) and energy, and thus geological and biological evolution, are straightforward consequences. Energy is a key for life, but also key to some remaining mysteries in physics.