Energy drives the world and time

This photo of a flying ibis (Threskiornis aethiopicus) shows the dynamic properties of an object, precisely what our physics does not want energy and time to do. Energy would have no interest and time would have nothing to do with it. As a physicist, I felt uncomfortable in the face of the fact that important aspects of quantum physics and relativity seem incomprehensible and paradoxical to the human imagination. The same applies to the conclusion derived from this that time is only an illusion and that even time travel is possible. Nature has given us a sense of logical relationships, because logic has always been a key to survival.

Why did 20th century physics need more and more irrational and paradoxical explanations to support its world view (non-locality; indeterminacy; zero-point energy; empty space fixing the speed of light and gravity; empty space inflating; extra dimensions; multiple worlds)? Since 1994 I have been pursuing this question and am also interested in how our concept of energy has developed since antiquity. It all started with the ancient philosophers’ interest in a quantity that remains constant throughout all the changes that take place in our world.

Much later, it turned out to be energy. While everything else changes, energy remains preserved. But energy, as defined by modern physics, has lost all reference to change. How can this be, when energy is precisely the property of a constantly changing environment? Energy, as it is seen today, only has the ability to do work, but no interest in it. Energy is seen as a so-called scalar (a number) and not as a vector (an oriented quantity).

Additional mechanisms must be activated so that energy can become active and energy can be converted. That is why it can trigger movements in both positive and negative time directions. Ever since my student days, I have suspected that this must be a mistake in the current understanding of energy and considered what would happen if dynamic properties were attributed to energy, if it had an interest in converting energy and thus driving time (Books Time arrow as trace of energy. Logical key to a spiritual universe / Zeitpfeil als Spur der Energie. Logischer Schlüssel zu einem geistreichen Universum).
I also describe energy as having a tendency to decrease its presence per state, thus losing information and creating entropy. Time would then be the trace of the changes or loss of information that energy leaves in our environment and in ourselves. Nature must be seen as fundamentally irreversible, just as it is in reality. I have succeeded in mathematically deriving these irreversible mechanisms from fundamental principles (Refs. 441, 442, 445, 448, 450, 451).
The new world model is rational, more elegant and simpler, it eliminates the paradoxes, but it also challenges the theories that created them, because they use the wrong time.
The universe turns out to be much more intelligent than currently thought. The dynamic energy model also has an explanation for the development of consciousness and spirit. They arise, driven by energy and time, from the self-organisation of information in human consciousness.